About Us 


Are you new to the church or the area? If so, you are very welcome! Please do check out our New to Church page to get all the information about what goes and when.

Let us tell you a little of the background of our church.
New Park St Baptist Chapel was established in the mid nineteeth century. A group of workers with their families arrived at Holyhead to help construct the Holyhead Harbour  Breakwater. When they first arrived they worshipped at Bethel Baptist Chapel on Edmund St but this posed something of a problem. The men and their families could not understand Welsh, so they began to plan the building of an English Baptist Chapel. The congregation at Bethel were a great help in raising money and in assisting in the building of New Park St English Baptist Chapel.
The famous Victorian preacher, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, laid the foundation stone at the chapel site in 1860. To the confusion of many, New Park St Chapel is not named for the street on which it stands but after the Spurgeon's chapel in London where he was resident Minister. The chapel has maintained a Christian witness and ministry since that time and God being willing, will continue to do so into the future.