Ladies Fellowship

This ladies group has been part of this church for around 50 years, probably under different headings as times change but always with the same foundation, the Word of God. The current group meet every fortnight on Thursday afternoon except for the summer break when people tend to go on holidays.
Of course, you don't have to be a member of this chapel to join in, we are pleased to welcome you whoever you are. Come and join us.
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We have managed to resume our meetings from the beginning of January 2022 and as the restrictions are lifted we are now able to offer tea and cake after the meeting.     

Our speakers for the first months of the year are as follows

January 13th   Deb Stammers
January 27th   Sharon Ricketts
February 10th   Sue Jennings
February 24th   Bill Moss
March 10th        Elspeth Willet
March 24th        Jon Stammers
April 7th              Margaret Evans
April 21st            Fiona Earnest
May 5th               J.P.Earnest
May 19th             Carol Burstow

The Ladies Fellowship led from its beginning in our church the wish to try to help people who have no access to one of the basics in life.....that is ..... clean water. In the beginning they discovered that a water filtering system could be provided for just £40 and since then the group have thought of bigger things like pipework, wells, pumps and any other equipment that is needed. The Ladies Fellowship have been supported generously by church members and friends so it is with some pleasure and satisfaction that we wish to publish what has been achieved through saving change in Jam Jars.  You will see that your donations and contributions have been sent to three different water projects, but all with the same aim...... to provide clean water.

Record of Giving to Water Projects by New Park St English Baptist Chapel and Friends

To Samaritans Purse

2006        £500.00

2007        £1140.00

2008        £800.00

2009        £800.00

Total        £3240.00

To Tear Fund Water Project

2010        £1000.00

2011        £1045.00

2012        £840.00

2013        £600.00

2014        £625.00

2015        £650.00

2016        £1000.00

Total        £5760.00

To Barnabus Water Aid

2017        £706.19

2018        £735.00

2019        £900.00

2020        £500.00

2021        £635.11

Total        £3476.30

Total Raised for Water Projects from 2006 to 2021 = £12476.30                               'Praise God'