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Hello everyone, This is just a summary page to let you know what is happening in the future, some bullet points and comments with links to the main page

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Updated 'Water Project ' offering info. See Ladies Fellowship

Hello everyone.........  Despite having to close the church building because of Covid 19 we are delighted to tell you that we held our first Sunday morning service via live streaming on Facebook and once again, God's Word is shared with our congregation and a world of listeners. Please listen in or download: the message is very relevant and encouraging for our times. We have experienced some slight audio problems but we hope to improve with more practise. The service was recorded in Debs and Jons home ably assisted by their daughter, Bethan.  See  'Live Sermons'

*** March 17th    It is with regret that following the advice given by the BUGB concerning the coronavirus pandemic in line with government and NHS recommendations, we have decided to cancel all mid-week and Sunday services for the foreseeable future. For more information please see the following links.

February      Added a link to the Christianity website  www.christianity.org.uk


7.3.18         'AN E.MAIL FROM 1913' On the 27th February I received the following e.mail from a Mr Doug Teitge who I think must be living somewhere in Canada. I felt it was very encouraging and shared it with the church on Sunday 4th March. It reads as follows:-

'Just wanted to say thank-you for your New Park St English Baptist website. My dad (who passed away a year ago) had given me his Mom's bible many years ago. Was recently looking at this and inside the front cover was a note that read 'Presented to Miss Lily Toovey by the New Park St English Baptist Sunday School upon her leaving the town of Holyhead, April 1913'. Googled the name and found your website. My Grandmother migrated to Canada in 1913 where she met my Grandfather and had my Dad. Both of my Dad's parents passed away before I was born so nice to have this little piece of history.