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Welcome to our sermons for 2021. We pray that through them you will 'love Him more dearly and follow Him more nearly day by day'

3/1/21  'Unexpected visitors: The Magi'  Matthew Ch 2 v1-12:  Psalm 72.  Jon Stammers

10/1/21  'Light in the darkness'   Isaiah Ch 60 v1-6  Rev Deb Stammers

17/1/21 'Dare to think Big'  John Ch 11 v17-27:  Jeremiah Ch 15 v16.  Bill Moss

24/1/21 'Unconditional'  A message for Leprosy Sunday  Ezekiel Ch 47 v1-12:  1 John Ch4  v9-10   Sue Jennings

31/1/21  'Lockdown Psalms 1. Making God our refuge'    Psalm 91  Rev Deb Stammers

February 2021

7/2/21  'Lockdown Psalms 2.  Shifting focus from self to God'   Psalm 77  Jon Stammers.

14/2/21  'Lockdown Psalms 3  Psalm 131  Rev. Deb Stammers

21/2/21  The Three Temptations No 1  'Stones into Bread'  Matt Ch 4 v1-4   Deuteronomy Ch 8 v2-5 Rev Deb Stammers

28/2/21  The Three Temptations No 2  'Put God to the test' Matt Ch 4 v5-7; Deuteronomy Ch 6 v 4-17  Rev Deb Stammers

March 2021

7/3/21 'And that is what we are'  Col Ch 2 v20 -Ch 3 v4:  1 John Ch 3 v1   Bill Moss

14/3/21  The Three Temptations No 3  'Away from the cross shaped path'  Matt Ch 4 v8-11: Matt Ch 28 v 16-20:  Phil Ch 2 v 3-11   Rev Deb Stammers

21/3/21  'He took up our pain and bore our suffering'   Isaiah Ch 53 v1-6  Rev Deb Stammers

28/3/21  'Jesus, Unpredictable and Disturbing'  A Message for Palm Sunday  Mark Ch 11 v 11-21   Reverend Kevin Ellis

April 2021

2/4/21  'Jesus on the cross prays Psalm 22 and invites us to do the same'  A Message for Good Friday  Psalm 22;  Mark Ch 15 v 22-39  Jon Stammers

4/4/21  'Jesus is alive and well and living in Wales'  Message for Easter Sunday  Luke Ch 23 v54 to Ch 24 v12   Deb Stammers

18/4/21  'Peace despite trouble (or 'God gives us room')   Psalm 4  Jon Stammers

25/4/21  'Meeting Jesus changes your life'  Acts Ch 9 v1-20   Deb Stammers

May 2021

2/5/21  'What is it that God has  trusted you with'  Matthew Ch 25 v14-30   Amy Burrows, Gobaith Mon worker

9/5/21  'No Walls can contain Our God'  Acts Ch 10 v34-48  Rev Deb Stammers

23/5/21  'Power to be witnesses'   (Pentecost Sunday). Acts Ch 1 v8: Acts Ch 2 v1-13   Rev Deb Stammers

30/5/21  'How do we deal with Guilt'  Acts Ch 2 v32-41: Acts Ch 2 v22-24: Exodus Ch 32 v28  Jon Stammers

June 2021

6/6/21  'The Holy Spirit and You'  John Ch 14  v15-27    Bill Moss

13/6/21  'Being Church'   Acts Ch 2  v42-47  Reverend Deb Stammers

20/6/21 Starting New Series  'JESUS SAYS 'GO' #1   'Becoming the answer to your own prayers'  Matt Ch 9 v35--Ch 10 v1  Rev Deb Stammers

27/6/21 Jesus says 'Go' #2  'Twelve average men'  Matt Ch 10 v1-4:  Numbers Ch 13 v1-21.    Jon Stammers

July 2021

4/7/21  Jesus says 'Go' #3. 'What  have we been given authority to do?  Matt Ch 10 v5-8:  Genesis Ch 12 v1-3  Rev Deb Stammers

11/7/21  Endurance: 'For when I am weak I am strong' 2 Cor Ch2 v10:  Romans Ch 15 v4-6:  Numbers Ch 14 v24: Hebrews Ch 12 v1-3. Sharon Ricketts

18/7/21 Jesus says 'Go' #4  'Coming with empty hands'  Matt Ch10 v5-15.  Rev Deb Stammers

25/7/21  Jesus says 'Go' #5  'There may be troubles ahead'  Matt Ch 10 v16-23  Jon Stammers

August 2021

1/8/21  Jesus says 'Go' #6  'Do not be afraid of them'  Matt Ch 10 v24-31:  Isaiah Ch8 v11-13:  Numbers Ch 14 v8-9    Jon Stammers

8/8/21 Jesus says 'Go' #7  'Jesus Freak'   Matt Ch10 v32-39    Rev. Deb Stammers

15/8/21 'Faith that won't fail in times of trial'  Luke Ch 22 v31-34   Bill Moss

29/8/21 Jesus says 'Go' #8   'A cup of cold water'  Matt Ch 10 v40- Ch 11 v1   Rev Deb Stammers

This concludes the series in Matthew Ch 10

September 2021

5/9/21   Welcoming Church #1  'Come to the feast'  Luke Ch 14 v12-24   Rev Deb Stammers

12/9/21  Welcoming Church #2  'When God comes to dinner'  Genesis Ch 18 v1-15:  Hebrews Ch 13 v2:  Revelation Ch 3 v20.  Rev Deb Stammers

19/9/21  Welcoming Church #3  Welcoming the needy, Welcoming Jesus'   Matthew Ch 25 v31-46  Proverbs Ch 19 v17   Jon Stammers

October 2021

3/10/21   'A Message for Climate Sunday'   Gen Ch 1 v1 - Ch 2 v3   Rev Deb Stammers

10/10/21  'God's Total Commitment to Humanity'  Genesis Ch 9 v8-17:  Revelation Ch 21 v1-4: Romans Ch 5 v8: 2Tim Ch 2 v13  Jon Stammers

17/10/21  'The Mustard Seed Messiah'  Mark Ch 4 v30-32  Rev Deb Stammers

November 2021

7/11/21  'Your gifts are of value in the Body of Christ'  1 Cor Ch 12  v12-31  Rev Deb Stammers

14/11/21 'Remember who we are'  Remembrance Day service   Deuteronomy Ch 8 v10-18  Rev Deb Stammers

14/11/21 'Watch out that no-one deceives you'  Mark Ch 13 v1-8  Jon Stammers 

21/11/21  'Stay Connected'  John Ch 15 v1-5  Sharon Ricketts